Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little Jesus in Velvet Pants

There are many things to be happy about right now.

I have an outdoors, nature-related activity planned for today which involves fall colors and a camera!!!!! Maybe even hiking!!!!! And the weather is perfect for it!!!!!

Yesterday I went apple and raspberry picking with three friends (my roommate, my former roommate, and her new roommate, interestingly enough) and went to a diner and then went to Target - all the things I love to do! Including bumming around the house drinking tea!


Then [my roommate, AZPlants] and I made and canned several jars of jam. I discovered that my canner works really well on the stove in this apartment - the water boils quickly, nothing tips, nothing falls over spilling boiling water and boiling jam all over the kitchen and its inhabitants...always a good thing.

We successfully made and canned jam without anyone getting severely burnt or injured, without setting the house on fire, and without even spilling something. The jam even turned out nicely! We managed to take on a rather involved domestic endeavour without any sort of Anne-Shirley-like disasters.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my digital camera, so there are no pictures of this miraculous occurrence.

I invented a jam recipe, which I'll probably make again, and then photograph, and then post. It was Lemon-Jalapeno jam. Really quick and easy Really involved, but worth all that hard work - especially for the lovely people to whom I will be bringing this jam as a host(ess) gift.

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