Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I have a lot of really good friends right now. I think of this because I just realized how many people, in the past month and even just this week, have made a point of telling me where there are good insects for me to collect. Some have even caught insects for me. For example:

  • One friend kept two hemiptera in her freezer for me
  • One of my housemates trapped a hemipteran in a Burger King cup, and put that in the freezer for me.
  • My other housemate caught a gypsy moth caterpillar for me, and once, despite the fact that he was running late, open the door to yell up to me that there was an interesting fly near the front door
  • The other day, when I let a friend into my house, she said, "Sarah, Sarah, there's a really cool bug on this pumpkin on your porch!" and waited, while I was not being a good hostess, for me to catch and put in the freezer the aforementioned bug.
Additionally, my housemates are ridiculously tolerant of all of the containers of insects that are in our freezer.

That's love, there. (A friend and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the great amount of love in our lives, from friends and family, which puts in perspective how not important having a bf or gf is. Additionally, my friends are so awesome that the bar has been raised considerably for anyone who wants to date me. Now I have to think things like, "Would he ever participate in an insect collection? Would he spend an hour sticking a coat hanger into my car when I lock myself out of it?")

I blog about nothing in particular, just a short update as I procrastinate spread out the arduous task of finishing an entomology lab write-up.

So, a weird thing that happened today. I got randomly sick. I left the house this morning ridiculously - and I mean ridiculously - happy. I think I bounced a little bit on Jones Ave. I felt great! Awake - pre coffee! - and ready to start my day. It just seemed like it would be a good day. Despite some of the stressful things hanging over my head, I felt okay. Maybe because I was spending eight hours at work, and I really love my job right now. I can also immerse myself in this job, no matter what's going on outside. No matter how much work I have to do or haven't done that was already due, no matter how much chaos or drama there may be in the rest of my life, when I am at work, I put as much focus as I want into examining the writing, conversation, problems, and successes of the students I tutor, and in coming up with tasks or words for them.

That's enough being sappy about my job.

Oh, I also really like my co-workers at the Writing Center.

Anyway, around Hour Six or so I started to feel a little tired, but I thought this was just from a stressful week and from tutoring for six hours. Within a half hour, I went from feeling a tiny bit achey and tired to hot, red-faced, dizzy, and very tired and achey. So weird!

And I have all these plans for the rest of the week, so I hope this cold or bug or whatever goes away as quickly as it came on. I'm going to load up on echinacea, hibiscus tea, and garlic, and yes, I will take real medicine, too.

There was a positive surprise today. I got a paycheck! I didn't realize it was payday!

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