Sunday, September 23, 2007

God, that was so not part of the prayer

Last night, I couldn't focus on my homework, so I de-stressed by catching up on the blogs I like. Kristy of She Just Walks Around With It posted a great entry WITH DIAGRAMS, and Laurie of posted, among other things, a news report from LA where they are apparently terrified of rain. It was great. She also posted the following, which I just felt the need to share with as many people as possible - I thought it was so funny, and every time I sat down to e-mail it to my friends, it just didn't feel right, so here it is in my blog:

I was REALLY mad about this guy. He almost caused two accidents and also was just being a real piece of work. Then I felt bad for being so hateful again in traffic. In other areas of my life I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt, but in traffic there is just not a nice sweet bone in my body. So I thought, "What would Deepak Chopra do? He's probably not hateful in traffic." And because I am full-up on my self-help, I knew Deepak would send the dude a little prayer.

So I tried. I tried, I really did. "Dear God, this ugly dude is pissing me off and I hate him and his banged up car ... gee no wonder his car is all smooshed, look how he drives!...oh crap this is so not how Deepak would do it. Let me try again..."

I sat there and tried to breathe. After all, traffic wasn't moving. It's not like we were going anywhere. I had time to get my Deepak on.

"OK, God, it's me again trying to be nicer. See, I am trying to pray for this HEY YOU SH*THEAD THE LIGHT IS GREEN YOU WANTED IN HERE THAT MEANS GO JESUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER ARE YOU BRAIN DEAD oh crap!! God that was so not part of the prayer!! I am so sorry, let me try again. But seriously, the light was green. Also sorry about the Jesus part."

I have so been there. I consider myself A Nice Person, but sometimes I just get so cranky and, as she put it, hateful. I recognize this, and I try to stop it, and the result is something like that prayer.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, the diagram of you on "shewalks" is soooo awesome! i always get like, a little thrill when i communicate with a blogger who doesn't and likely will never know me.
way to go.

botanylicious said...

LOL I had no idea about that diagram until I read this!!!!!