Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad mood

Do you know what irks me? Other than things that irk everybody, I can think of two little things that annoy me. One is when people walk in pairs or even worse, groups of three or four across, on the sidewalk and don't move out of the way when someone is coming the opposite direction, so that person has to walk in the mud. I think that is rude. I think you should just walk single file when someone is coming. Then you can go back to walking double. Couples doing this especially annoys me. You will not stop breathing if you stop holding hands for one minute. It's OK.
The other thing that irks me is when I go to the farmers market and I have clearly bought my own grocery bag, yet the people insist on putting everything in plastic bags. Even when I say "It's OK, I brought a bag." I once went to a farmers market - where there was a stand selling "Lafayette Farmers Market" canvas bags, so it's not like the concept was unheard of - and the vendors actually gave me attitude about using my own bag. Why has the reuse of bags become an issue of conflict? I do not understand. I mostly just find it odd to encounter this at farmers markets, places that tend to be frequented by hippies and environmentalists and other people who would think to bring their own reusable shopping bag.
It doesn't annoy me like, as much as real world problems, it's just a little thing that ticks me off in the moment.
I hate when Firefox malfunctions, and as I type in a window, it somehow gets stuck on Ctrl+F, so instead of recording my text (such as an e-mail), Firefox just keeps trying to FIND whatever I'm typing, and it keeps flashing read and beeping because it cannot find the text, as if to say "You idiot! Stop typing!"
Why am I in such a bad mood? Something that will eventually become a Funny Story. I'm house-sitting right now for my parents. Usually I don't mind this. I like the excuse to get away from my "city", from all the people and whatever drama is going on (even if it's good drama), to be surrounded by nature, do some activities I like without interference, and get my homework done. Actually, this never happens. I devote so much time to fun farm country stuff that I never get any work done up here.
Anyway, this time I haven't been enjoying it as much. For one thing, being alone in this house in the middle of nowhere is creeping me out. It's dark and full of weird noises, not people noises. I keep imagining that I'll get attacked by a wild animal, or thinking how a serial killer could break in and NO ONE WOULD KNOW FOR DAYS because there's no one around in this quiet, empty town!
I'm in a bad mood because I got home and the lock to the front door was broken. This happens every once in awhile - something gets loose and the door will not unlock from the outside. After struggling with it, I finally went out to the back door, which meant walking through the dark, scary yard. I turned the lights and highbeams on in my car so I could at least see some of the path. I came in through the back, turned on the lights, saw that the pets had made a big mess of the front room, and before cleaning that up, went outside to turn out the lights on my car. Of course the front door unlocked fine from the inside. Anyway, as one last blow dealt by Mean Nature, I slipped on some water (it rained a lot today) and fell into a pricker bush. Flat on my face. Woe is me.
On the bright side, the neighbors were not home to witness this or to hear the horrible string of obscenities I released, and also, there were no bears, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, or serial killers in the pricker bush.
And one of my housemates got a vermicomposting thing for our kitchen. Yay!!!!!!! Pet worms! [I had to add this explanatory note in 2011. I learned this via e-mail a few minutes later from my housemate in the city.  There was no housemate in the country home. There were no pet worms at that house.]

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