Friday, July 13, 2007

Mixed up

When I was in high school and early in college, I was really big on making mix CDs. I think that the only thing that ended this craze was getting a new car with an MP3 player. Now I just make CDs with a bunch of folders on them. Whenever something little breaks on my car and I get annoyed, I just think of the sunroof and MP3 player - two unnecessary but awesome things that my car has.

Anyway, anyone who has made mix CDs knows that it is an art. A badly made mix CD can ruin your car ride; it can even make you hate your favorite song. The main issue is not the songs themselves, but the transition between the songs. A bad transition - songs in the wrong two keys, songs at different volumes, songs of vastly different moods - can be jarring. Thus, mix CDs took a lot of time and effort to complete - it was all about finding the perfect, good-mood inspiring transitions, not just the best songs.
This was the first mix CD I ever made for distribution among my friends. Inspired, I guess, by the Emo Diaries, there were many "volumes" of "The Emo Punk-a-Riffic Mix."

Summer 2007 147

Yes, truly art.

Summer 2007 149

What may have been one of the last mixes ever made never got distributed among my friends. It was the summer mix of 2003 - bands with names like 'Hot Hot Heat' and 'The All Girl Summer Fun Band." There was some happy, pop punk-y New Found Glory and other not-sucky emo at the end. I rediscovered this CD last weekend. I forgot all about The All Girl Summer Fun Band and how great they are. I don't know why they never got big, especially with songs like "Later Operator." So, I write this post partially to tell the world (my three readers) about this great band, and partially to pose a very important question.

Summer 2007 146

What kind of anal retentive nutcase makes a rough draft of a mix CD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

I've made drafts of mixed CDs before, but that was for Halloween in which case I wanted it to be *eeeeexxxxaaaactly* right. Perfect enough to summon pumpkins.

(It didn't quite make it, but this coming Season is another year.)