Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Forcing the hermit to go outside

Today was the kind of work day in which my only solace was that it was Wednesday/Thursday (depending how exhausted and therefore delusional I was feeling). It was the kind of day that made me, as soon as I got home, run for the fridge, and commence a dinner of pretzels, guacamole, and a bottle of Magner's.
But one of my friends has agreed to go to the local Writers' Roundtable open mic night with me. I was going to just stay home, for fear that the crowd would be nothing but old people; now I can't use that excuse. I lack new material and gas in my car, but I can't just stay in here, hide in my room, and rot in the humidity like my vegetable garden is currently doing.
Time to dredge up some old poems and throw on a jacket! I'll post about how it goes shortly.

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