Friday, October 07, 2005

Reise nach Deutschland, continued

What I was going to write before was that by way of sunset, over the blackening clouds was a sliver of orange light now more intense! and very pretty! black clouds, grey blue sky, night falling [the handwriting is practically illegible, with a lot of abbreviations] but cloud form ring over a small circle where I can see below--yellow sky fire orange and pink sunset clouds lower down. I wonder what we are flying over.
By way of sunset, over the blackening clouds was a sliver of orange light now more intense! and very pretty! Black clouds, grey-blue sky night falling; but the clouds form a ring over a small circle (cut out of the cover of black night-clouds) through which I can see below--yellow sky with fire orange and pink sunset clouds. I wonder what we are flying over.]

We go further into night; a grey cloud covers the orange spot and it flies [???] but now I see it again! But now the wind of the plane obscures it. A small crescent moon hangs high above.
The further we go, that little spot of remaining daylight on which I've had my eye gets swallowed up.
Jetzt schreibe ich auf Deutsch. Ich soll üben. Die Leute, eine junge Mutter und ein kleines Kind, sprechen Deutsch-spanol. Manchmal Deutsch und manchmal "rapid" Spanisch. (Ich muss in Wörterbuch "rapid" auf Deutsch suchen.)
Now I'm going to write in German. I must practice. The people, a young mother and a small child, are speaking "Deutsch-spanol." Sometimes German and sometimes rapid [in English] Spanish. (I need to look up the German word for "rapid" in the dictionary.

rapid - keine direkt Übersetzung -- schnell, flink, eilig.
OK, gut. Sie sprechen eilige (?) Spanisch. Sie sehen spanisch aus, aber die beide- die kleine Mädchen auch -- sprechen manchmal Deutsch.
eilig = "hurried"
Hmm. Nicht worüber ich am originell dachte, aber es geht. Wenn das Kind unglücklich ist, oder wenn sie das Kind Verweis erteilen (??) wollen, spricht die Mutter Spanisch. Auch spricht sie perfekt Englisch mit Flug - (indecipherable word).
rapid - no direct translation - fast, quick, hurried
Ok, good. They're speaking hurried (?) Spanish. They look Spanish, but the two - the small girl also - sometimes speak German.
eilig [the word I decided on] = "hurried"
Hmm. Not what I originally thought, but it works. If the child is unhappy, or if she wants "Verweis erteilen" (I have no idea what that means), her mother speaks Spanish. Also, she speaks perfect English with flight - (indecipherable word) [I think it was supposed to say "flight attendants."]
Salt - das Salz. Ich wusste das! *Seufz* Was werde ich machen?
Was machte ich heute? Ich wachte mich auf, ich trank Kaffee mit meiner Mutter im Schutzschirm-Haus (ausser dem Haus) und auch mit meinem Vater er ging oft in und ausser Haus. Auch da waren unsere Hünde: Tess, Elvis, und Emerson. Nicht da waren unsere Kätze, Norbert und Asia.
Salt = das Salz. I knew that! *sigh* What am I going to do? [In the last post, I was worried because I forgot the word for "salt" in German.]
What did I do today? I woke up, I drank coffee with my mother in the screenhouse (outside of the house) and also with my father he went often in and out of the house. Also there were our dogs: Tess, Elvis, and Emerson. Not present were our cats, Norbert and Asia.
Mutti und ich machten die Dinge für Avon mit dem Laptop. Das dauerte eine lange Zeit. Dann ginge ich nach First Hope Bank, um eine American Express Traveler's Cheque Karte zu bekommen.
Ich will nicht zum Badezimmer gehen müssen. Da muss ich mein Wasser nicht so schnell trinken!
Ich will nicht mich bewegen, bis ich in Hamburg bin!
Mom and I did the things for Avon with the laptop. That took a long time. Then we went to First Hope Bank to get an American Express Traveler's Cheque card.
I don't want to have to go to the bathroom. So I must not drink my water so fast!
I don't want to move till I'm in Hamburg!
Ich war traurig, als ich nach der Bank fuhre. Es war den letzten Mal in der ich fahren würde, bis drei Woche von heute. Und es war nicht mein eigenes Auto! Auch am Freitag Nacht, ginge ich aus mit [einem Freund], und ich konnte nicht mein Sunfire fahren, weil es war am Beginn der Fahrweg (driveway?)
I was sad, when I drove to the bank. It was the last time I would drive until three weeks from today. And it wasn't my own car! Also on Friday night, I went out with [a guy friend], and I couldn't drive my Sunfire, because it was at the beginning of the driveway.
Dieses Kind ist so niedlich! Sie steht auf vor dem Platz, und steckt ihr Baby, ihre Puppe, am Platz und steckt eine Decke über die Puppe, und singt Gute-Nacht Lieder zur Puppe. Ich bin müde
This kid is so cute! She is standing in front of the seat, and sticks her baby, her doll, on the seat and stands on the floor in front of the doll, and sings goodnight songs to the doll. I am tired
[It's now the end of 2010, and I'm editing the early posts in this blog. I'm fixing typos, un-publishing things that are too personal or not that interesting, and even editing for clarity (since I've found that so much of my early writing is prone to digression and rambles that make no sense to anyone.) I have no idea why this entry trails off into nothingness, but I'm going to attempt to translate the German for you now.]

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just a Start

[Editorial note: Perhaps it will make the dullness and jumpiness of the first entry a little more clear if I point out that I was terrified of not being able to speak good German, and that I really hate flying.]

Trip to Germany
July 2005

Reise nach Deutschland
Juli 2005

Started on 7/9/05 in Newark Airport

I'm not going to see my friends and family for three weeks. Tomorrow morning at 2 AM our time but 7:45 AM where I am, I'll be in Germany.
I've gone through so many emotions[;] now I feel almost none.
I'm trying to guess, looking at all the other passengers here, who is American and who is German (or European, at least).
The first time

Everyone here is speaking German.
I can't understand since I'm only hearing a few words every now and then, the rest I just can't hear what they're saying.
I have this fear that I won't be able to understand a word anyone says.
It looks like we're boarding soon.
Goodbye America!

Here I am on the plane! As I boarded, walking behind three German girls my age, blonde, pretty, well-dressed, and speaking so quickly that the only words I understood were "Meine Mutter," I started to feel a little panicky.
The sun is setting behind us. We are going later in the time zones, rushing away from the day in America and into the night over the Atlantic Ocean, yet also rushing through this night into the next morning in Germany.
Oh boy, thunderstorms, bumpy clouds, and the Fasten Seatbelt sign.
Actually, I feel no turbulence, I'm quite content [in really scribbly shaky letters]
OK, we just had dinner. BLECH!
I practically didn't eat my meat, hope that wasn't a mistake, but I think we're getting "light" breakfast later. I ate a small biscuit with unsalted butter slathered on it--once I realized this (and subsequently realized I know the word "Pfeffer" but not the word for "salt"), I opened a salt packet to remedy the situation and dumped salt all over the roll. Yuck!
I tested the overly salty beef and overcooked carrots and then just ate the Bad Caesar Salad and Mashed Potatoes with Green Flecks of Some Kind of Vegetation and Dry Brownie with Topping of Gravel (or at least, very hard sugary things).
What I was going to write before was that by way of sunset, over the blackening clouds was a sliver of orange light now more intense! and very pretty! black clouds, grey blue sky, night falling [the handwriting is too illegible to try to decipher this late at night]

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I really hope I can go back and change my blog title later

Because I woke up in the middle of the night and for some reason can't focus on studying for finals, I decided to start a blog. I already have a live journal, which was started to practice my writing skills--I am "working" on a "novel" by writing out the interesting things that have happened in my own life and trying to make them funny. This post does not, I'm sure, do anything to convince you that I am funny.
Anyway, while packing to move home at the end of the semester, I came across a book: Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. I decided I need to quit procrastinating and start working on my writing NOW! So this blog will be, at first, a place to post work on my writing, things that don't go in my Live Journal, and I figure I can start by doing exercises from the Natalie Goldberg book and just posting them here, hopefully getting some feedback and becoming a better writer and person :)
Also, I think it would be fun to have a place to post my ridiculous adventures and just the ridiculous outcomes of me pursuing hobbies that are strange for a 21-year-old, like knitting and cooking and sewing. (Note: I do things that are not domestic, too.)
And of course, botany.
What, you may be asking yourself, is a botanylicious?
It is a joke. It is because I recognize that Plant Science is a weird major, that dedicating my life to the study of botany (fancy word for Plant Science) is weird. It is the result of me trying to think of a funny new screen name like "Hot Scientist 69!" "Hot Bio Major!" "Sexy Science Girl!" but I would like to note that I still have not gotten the nerve to change my screen name to botanylicious because I'm afraid people won't get the joke, and think I am too crazy aout my plants.
It is also the product of me creating this thing at 5 AM, during final exams, on a night where I couldn't sleep. After a long whiney live journal post about how stressed out I am.
OK, the awkward first entry is over! Now that the sun is rising, maybe I can get some sleep.